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Meet Christie ... my "uptown girl" ~   

I know that I've said this before ... countless times before ... for Holly ... for Stormy Blue ... for Gypsy Blue and for Misty Blue ... all of my beautiful well-mannered collie girls, ...  and, now, I'm saying it, once again, for my "uptown girl" Christie Blue: "I have the brightest, cutest and most beautiful puppy in all of puppydom!"

Christie came into her new home and it was instant "love." She ran around ... inspecting ... finding her little special places. I bought her a puppy-playpen, which she loves, and whenever she is tired and needs a little beauty rest, I find her all curled up inside - mixed up with her toys. She is so little that sometimes I have to look twice to see which is the stuffed animal.

Christie is just a love of a puppy. She has bonded with me, loves to play, hardly has any accidents - which is remarkable for a puppy her age - and loves visitors ... especially ones who tell her how beautiful she is!

She has very big "paws" to fill and I have this feeling that she won't disappoint!

(Ch. Afterhours Southern Knight x
Ch. Shannon Valley Concord Summer Breeze)

From Fourth Neck columnist Maria Daddino shows off Christy, the newest addition to her family.   Photo: Bobby Daddino           
An excerpt from my column "From Fourth Neck"
          The Southampton Press ~ Western Edition
                        June 11, 2009

Well, she’s here and, once again, my home is filled with the laughter and happiness that only a puppy’s love can bring. Christy—my “uptown girl”—arrived from the rural hills of North Carolina and was introduced to the “glitz” of the Hamptons in luxurious style, and she loved every minute of it!

I truly want to thank Gary Richard of P.C. Richard and Sons for making the trip so enjoyable. Gary lent me his very comfortable plane and his “smooth” pilot, who just happens to be my son,


                            Little Miss Christie and her special friend.
                                    The duck has been with me since the 1970's!   







Such a typical "collie girl" pose!       

Those ladylike little white paws ...     





             Which one is real and which one is stuffed?








       "I'm growing ... and growing ... and growing"



Christie has a marvelous temperament ... laid back ... inquisitive ... gentle ... silly ... affectionate ... curious ...

My grandchildren - six-year-old triplets, Julia, Luke and William, and an almost three-year-old Matthew - spent Labor Day weekend with me. They played doctor and Christie was the "patient" patient! She ran around with them, slept with them, played with them, enjoyed all of them and their antics, and I was pleased to see there was no nipping, no chasing, just a little "collie girl" who loved them. When they left, an exhausted Christie kept looking all over the house for them.

Christie is learning to be a "guard dog." She has a very deep bark and doesn't hesitate to use it but she still looks to me for reassurance ... and then runs into the bedroom to sit by her favorite safety blanket ... my comfortable green chair.

Two days after Christie's six-month birthday, she met the big Tom Turkey. He had walked up my front walk and was almost by the door when Christie spotted him and was she upset! Although the glass door separated them, she did bark up a storm. He was rather nonchalant and continued his stroll much to my little girl's dismay.

 Christie in October at 7 months old. She loves to sit at the end of the terrace and watch her world go by.
      And with all her toys and her friends, the ducks, in my bedroom.


                                                    Christie at Christmas time at 9 months old. Isn't my little blue girl a beauty?



           And having fun in the New Year's Eve snow ...


To be continued when little Miss Christie takes a nap ................

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