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HEATHER'S HOLLY LASS - "Holly," Sable and White, March 7, 1970 to August 26, 1979, A.K.C. No. WB-593424.
                                    (Brandwyne Echo's Image x Dugmore Heather Mist)

CHRISTEV'S STORMY BLUE LADY - "Stormy," Blue Merle, June 29, 1979 to December 29, 1987, A.K.C. No. WE-415079.
                                    (Christev's Sundowner x Glen Corry's Rhapsody in Blue)

ROYAL ROCK GYPSY BLUE - "Gypsy," Blue Merle, December 26, 1987 to May 25, 2000, A.K.C. No. D-692230.
                                    (Ch. Scotwarrior's Amadeus x Royal Rock Black Crystal)

MISBEHAVIN'S MISTY BLUE BELLE - "Misty," Blue Merle & White, May 19, 2000 to April 11, 2009, A.K.C. No. DL834216/08.
                                    (Ch. Tartanside Raptorvale Rebel x Ch. Tapestry Misbehavin)

SUMMER BREEZE'S SUNSHINE AND CRYSTAL - "Christie," Blue Merle & White, March 19, 2009, A.K.C No. DN24515903
                                    (Ch. Afterhours Southern Knight x Ch. Shannon Valley Concord Summer Breeze)



PABLO - Blue-Front Amazon Parrot, hatched in April 1978.

HAPPY BIRD - "Happy", Cockatiel, flew into my home the summer of 1993. Flew over the Rainbow Bridge on April 25, 2005.

KISMET - Budgerigar, found in my garden on May 30, 2002. Flew over the Rainbow Bridge in October of 2004.

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