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Once upon a magical time, we all lived on the south shore of Long Island, in Bay Shore, New York. Penataquit Creek ran along the eastern edge of our property. A small brackish-water creek and part of Long Island's ecosystem of protected tidal wetlands, it flowed into the Great South Bay - a beautiful big body of water which then emptied into the Atlantic Ocean. While summer  was always pure heaven - a perpetual vacation with warm weather and ocean breezes, the winter was also delightful. When the bay froze, our creek didnít - at least the part by our house and north - so all sorts of ducks came to feed. We even had a pair of beautiful Great Blue Herons that I loved to watch in the early dawn as they enjoyed fresh eels from the shallow waters of the creek!

Our permanent year-round residents included my husband and me, our blue merle collies, Gypsy and Misty, our birds, Pablo, Happy Bird and Kismet (Amazon Blue Front parrot, cockatiel, and budgerigar, respectively), assorted Muscovy ducks, a dozen or more Pekin ducks, a magnificent pair of swans - Diablo and Sara Beth - and lots of friendly squirrels.

Our visitors, who returned each year, included Mother and Father Goose, Ms. Elizabeth Goose, six additional all white Pekin ducks - the "cousins" - wood ducks, egrets and a pair of American coots.


I was privileged to enjoy for ten years all that nature had helped me to create. Then, like all magical moments, one day, it was so quickly gone. I had loved and laughed at the antics of my critters. I had fed them in Nor'easters and in blizzards. I had helped them in times of trouble and had cried whenever one had crossed over the "Rainbow Bridge". But, now, the time had come for me to move on. And so with tears in my eyes and a very heavy heart, I packed up all my treasures and watched as the movers placed them onto their huge van ... And, then with Pablo and Happy Bird and Kismet, all in their traveling cages on the passenger side and a very upset Misty in the back ... and my precious memories tucked gently inside my heart  ... I very slowly drove away ... not daring to look back ... 


The Muscovies

The Pekins

The Swans

The Geese

The Mallards

The Ospreys

National Wildlife Federation Backyard Wildlife Habitat
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Our Creek 2002

 Our Creek 2001

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