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So far, although, only mid-January, it's been a very mild winter and life on Pennataquit Creek has gone on as usual. One of the baby swans from years past has come back much to the dismay of Diablo who threatens him and chases him daily. If I were a young swan, I'd surely look elsewhere, but, he seems not at all perturbed.

One of my mysteries has been solved ... every winter, what I consider small sink holes appear all over my back lawn. This year, they only appeared in my sanctuary behind the garage. Imagine my delight when I realized that they weren't sink holes at all, but, entrances and exits into muskrat manor. It seems my little muskrat must have a huge family, perhaps, even an extended family and lots of friends ... there are so many holes and deep too!!!

Spring is in the air and, once again, all little sparrows thoughts turn to love and romance and Andy and Mandy are no exceptions. Ever since we bought our home almost nine years ago ... and probably, long before that ... they (or their descendents??) have been living in an unused vent near my kitchen door. Of course, my husband, the "ogre" that he wants everyone to think he is, absolutely refuses to admit that he was so touched by the little sparrow family and by all of their comings and goings and peeping and yelling, that he couldn't possibly block up the vent as he had originally planned to do. In fact, he subsequently painted and remodeled it for them and each year, they reward us with several families which we delightedly watch them raise from our sunroom windows. Andy and Mandy have been arduously at work this year spring cleaning and redecorating ...

On Tuesday, April 16, Faith paraded her fluffy, new ducklings on my front lawn, much to my delight and that of all my neighbors.

More to come ...




Our Creek 2001


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