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My "wild-friends" are very impressed with the fact that they now visit and/or live in a backyard which has been certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a wildlife habitat. They have promised me that they will act with a decorum suitable to their new prestigious "certified" environment!

Seriously ... I'm the one who is excited. I have always wanted to apply for my certification, but, as my garden and its visitors grew more extensive, the task seemed more and more daunting. I guess it was nothing but sheer laziness on my part. Then I received an e-mail asking me to join a Web Ring for nature lovers who have created their own special wildlife habitats and who have been certified by the National Wildlife Federation. It gave me the impetus I needed to catalog all my plantings, list all of my wild-friends who constantly thrill me with their visits, and go through all the photographs of my gardens. It took me the better part of one rainy weekend, but, it was truly time well spent. And, when my certification finally arrived - it takes about two months - I was ecstatic!

Please visit the National Wildlife Federation to learn how you too can have your own little nature preserve certified as a "backyard wildlife habitat". All you have to provide is food, water, cover and places to raise families. It's fun and not that hard to do. You can have a small, brand new garden or a large mature one. It doesn't matter. For encouragement visit NWF's sample sites, which change every day. At the bottom of their web page, you can put in your state and enjoy seeing habitats near you and, once you're certified, you will be eligible to post the Backyard Wildlife Habitat sign in your habitat. I've already ordered two!

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